How do I place a bet?
Placing bets is really easy at Funbet. Make sure you’re logged in to your Funbet account and then choose a sport and a subsequent event from the menu. When you have done this, simply click on the odds of the selection you want. This will then be added to your slip. Enter a stake and then click the button saying PLACE BETS in order to confirm your bet.

How can I see my bets?
Simply click the “Open Bets” tab at the top of the site. This will show all of your unsettled bets. For a history of your bets, click on your username, then “Bet History” and select “Sports Betting History”.

How can I cancel a bet?
Once a bet is placed, it can’t be cancelled. Please be very careful when placing bets. Many bets will have cash-out options available should you wish to cash out.

What happens if a match is postponed or cancelled?
This depends on the sport you are betting on and the type of bet you have placed. We recommend you check the relevant betting rules for your market.

How long does it take to settle a bet?
Bets are settled as soon as possible, but in order to ensure that all bets are settled correctly, there may be a slight delay. Make sure the event has finished, and if your bet hasn’t been settled for more than 1 hour since the conclusion, please contact us through live chat or email at support@funbet.com so that we can look into the matter.

What is a combi bet?
These are bets containing several selections with all the odds multiplied by each other. All selections in a combi bet have to be won for the bet to be a winner (e.g. Doubles, Trebles, 4folds, etc.).

What is a system bet?
System bets are similar to combi or accumulators in that you can choose several selections within one bet, but all possible combinations of bets from those selections are covered, with the advantage of winning even if not all selections are winners.
System bets are presented as two numbers separated by a slash: eg. 2/4, with the first number denoting the type of bet involved (in this case, doubles), and the second number denoting the number of selections involved.
For example, in a 2/4 system bet, you would choose 4 selections and click on the System tab at the top of the bet slip, where you would then see your system bet options. The 2/4 system bet is made up of the 6 possible combinations using your 4 selections, so a stake of €/$0.50 would cost €/$3. Even if only 2 of those possible combinations were winners, your bet would win, with the return amount dependent on the number of potentially winning combinations. If none of your selections, or only one of them wins, your system bet loses. When you place your system bet, the amount shown is that of the maximum possible winnings if all selections win.

What is a free bet?
A Free Bet lets you place a bet at our expense. Once you select a bet we will cover the cost and you keep whatever winnings exceed the original bet price.
For example, if you place a €/$5.00 Free Bet and you win €/$20, you receive €/$15 without any risk for you.

What is a risk-free bet?
Risk-free bets are placed with real money and the value will be taken from your account balance, but you'll get it back if you don't win. Make sure you have enough money in your account to cover the value of your risk-free bet.

What happens if there is an incorrect settlement?
In the unlikely event your bet is settled incorrectly we will investigate the matter and take the necessary action.

Where can I change the odds format?
If you’re playing on desktop, you can change the odds format from the top of the site by clicking on the “Odds format” tab and then make your selection. On mobile, click on the hamburger menu, select the settings button and select your desired odds format from the “Odds Display” tab.

Where can I find the sportsbook rules?
The “Betting Rules” tab is found under the “Information” tab located in the bottom left of the site. You can also access betting rules by clicking here.

What bonuses and incentives do you offer?
Bonuses and incentives are visible under our “Promotions” tab.

One of my bets has been voided. What does this mean?
When a bet has been voided on your account, it means you have been refunded your initial stake. If you have a void selection in a combined bet, this selection will be settled with the odds at 1.00 and the rest of the combination bet will have its odds recalculated.

How does the cashout feature work?
Full Cash Out: (Where available) 1) Place a single or combo bet in the odds or live odds page 2) Go to the ‘Open Bets’ tab on the top of the site. If you click the ‘Cash Out’ tab you will be able to see the bets that can be cashed out only. 3) See the current Cash Out value of your bet. 4) Take your return by clicking on the Cash Out button. Partial Cash Out: (Where available) 1) Place a single or combo in the odds or live odds page. 2) Go to the ‘Open Bets’ tab and click on the mini-slider button. 3) Use the slider to Cash Out the amount you want. Please note that not all bets can be cashed out.

What happens to my bet if…

What happens to my bet if there is overtime?
It will depend on the sport you are betting on and the type of bet so we recommend you check the betting rules for your market.

What happens to my bet if a football match goes to extra time?
Results are determined based on the full time result, not on any extra time played, unless otherwise stated in our Betting Rules.
Please check our Betting Rules for more information.

What happens to my bet if the full 90 min of a football match aren't played?
If a football match is abandoned before the game is completed, your bet will be void unless the match continues later that same day (local time).
This doesn't apply to markets that have already been determined before the match was abandoned, or if our Betting Rules say otherwise. Please read our Betting Rules for more information.
If it is a friendly match then any bet will be settled with the result at the end of the match, regardless of whether the full game has been played. This does not include any extra time.
If a match isn't scheduled with two 45 minute halves, the following will apply:
Matches scheduled for 90 minutes (three 30-minute periods): full time bets will be considered valid. Bets on half-time markets will be voided.
Matches scheduled for 80 minutes (two 40-minute periods): All bets are still considered valid.
You can read more about this in our Betting Rules.

What happens to my bet if a player retires during the match?
If a player retires from a game your bet will be void, unless the outcome has already been determined. For example, if you bet over 4.5 sets in tennis and the score is 3-3 when a player retires, then you have won the bet.

What happens to my bet if there is a dead heat?
If 2 or more participants tie for a position it is considered a dead heat. If this happens any stake will be divided by the number of participants in the dead heat and odds will be paid out accordingly.
A dead heat is when two or more participants tie for a position. In scenarios where there is a dead heat, some bets may be affected.
Because there isn't a clear winner, any stake placed on one of the selections is divided by the number of participants making up the dead heat.

Horse racing
If you’ve placed a bet on a horse to win the race and it’s involved in a dead heat, your stake is divided by the amount of participants in the dead heat at your selected odds.
For example, if you backed a 10/1 horse or greyhound for €/$10 and there’s a two-way dead heat, your stake would be divided by two (= €/$) at the selected odds of 10/1, resulting in a return of €/$55.

Golf and other sports
Dead heats are common in golf and most tournaments will see golfers tied for a position. But you generally can’t have a dead heat for the actual winner of a tournament because extra holes are played to decide who emerges victorious.

Dead heat example
The leaderboard below shows the conclusion of a fictional championship tournament:

Position Name Score
1st Tiger Woods -15
2nd Phil Mickelson -14
3rd Rory McIlroy -14
4th Justin Rose -12
5th Dustin Johnson -10
5th Andrew Johnston -10
5th Bryson DeChambeau -10
8th Shane Lowry -8
9th Tommy Fleetwood -5

For example, you bet €/$5 each way on Dustin Johnson at 20/1 for the championship. The each-way terms are 1/4 of the odds for the first five places.
Johnson finished tied for fifth with two other players, resulting in a dead heat for the place. The ‘win’ part of your bet is a loser as he did not win the tournament, but he finished in the first five places so the ‘place’ part of your bet will result in some winnings.
To calculate the returns, the following formula is used:
(Stake/total players tied for position) X (odds/four) = return
First, calculate the new reduced stake:
€/$5 stake divided by three (total players tied for fifth) = €/$1.66
Then, calculate the place odds:
20/1 odds divided by four (the place terms are ¼) = 5
Returns therefore equal: €/$1.66 X 5 = €/$8.33
For more information, see our general rules here.

What happens to my bet if a football match is abandoned?
If a football match is abandoned before fulltime is completed your bet will be void unless the match continues later that same day (local time).
This doesn't apply to markets that have already been determined before the match was abandoned, or if our Betting Rules say otherwise. Please read our Betting Rules for more information.

Can I place a bet with Bonus money?
Yes, you can place a bet with Bonus money. Keep in mind though there might be some odds restrictions when using bonus money, such as having a minimum odds of 2.0.
How can I get a risk-free bet/free bet?
This is something we will offer you from time to time. Keep an eye on the Promotions page to find out more.

Can I request odds on a match?
Yes, you are free to contact customer support and we will do our best to assist you.

Why do odds change on the betslip?
Odds may change while you place a pre-match bet or a live bet, but we will always confirm new odds with you before your betslip is set.

Why can't I place a bet?
First, it’s important you have enough money on your account to place a bet.
Another reason could be that you have a betting limit set on your account that prevents you from placing a bet.

What is Bet-Builder (Your Bet)?
Bet-Builder (Your Bet) allows you to place combo bets on the same event both pre-match and live on football and basketball on mobile devices only. To use this feature, you just need to click on the event you want to bet on and if Bet-Builder (Your Bet) is available, it will display the above markets. Toggle to change your view to available bet-builder (Your Bet) markets only and start adding your selections. This feature enables you to fully personalise your experience by building your own bets using real-time odds calculations based on your selections.

What is a Teaser bet?
A teaser bet allows you to adjust the points spread and game totals on two or more American Football or Basketball teams by choosing a fixed number of points. The number of teams and points selected determines your pay-out odds.

What are / is

What are push rules?
Push means that you will get your stake back, so you neither win nor lose.

What is a Live bet?
A live bet is a bet you place while the match is underway.

What is a Pre-match bet?
A pre-match bet is a bet you place on a match that hasn't started yet.

What is a moneyline bet?
It's a bet that can only have 2 outcomes: a win or a loss. There is no option for a draw.

What is a spread bet/Runline/Puck line?
A point spread in sports is a figure set to provide an advantage or a disadvantage based on the margin of victory or defeat for a given team.
The team labelled with a “-” is the team that would be at a disadvantage while the team labelled with a “+” would be given an advantage by a set number of points.

What is Rule 4?
Rule 4 is a deduction made on a horse racing bet when a horse withdraws from the race.
If a horse withdraws from a race then the rest of the horses have a better chance of winning. Therefore, the odds may be reduced to reflect their new chances.

What is a non-runner?
A non-runner is a selection (participant) that is named but doesn't take part in the event.

What are Fast markets?
Fast markets give players an enhanced live betting experience. These allow them to predict whether a specific event such as a goal, corner, free kick, throw in or a card will take place during the next one or five minutes, and see the outcome settled immediately.

What is an Each-way bet?
This is a bet that consists of 2 separate bets, one win bet and one placed bet.

What is a handicap bet?
A handicap bet is when you give one of the teams an advantage or disadvantage over the other. For example, if you place a bet that a team has to win by over 2.5 goals.

What is a Dead heat?
A dead heat is when two or more participants finish with the same results.

What is a Pulse bet?
A Pulse bet is a live bet where players can bet on a goal to be scored in the next 1, 5 or 10 minutes in a football match.

What is a Draw-No-Bet?
If you place a Draw-No-Bet and the result is a draw, your bet will be voided and your stake will be returned.

What is an inning in baseball?
An inning, or innings, is a fixed-length segment in a game of baseball during which one team attempts to score while the other team attempts to prevent the first from scoring.